Godenson Antoine

Godenson Antoine grew up in the Santo neighborhood near Louverture Cleary School (LCS) with his parents, four brothers and one sister. After graduating from LCS in 2000, he went on to Ekol Superior University where he received a degree in computer sciences.

After graduating from university, Antoine was able to secure several consecutive jobs, each one giving him more skills and experience in his field. He worked as a computer salesman, as an IT technician for a private Haitian business, and for the MINUSTAH (Haitian UN). In 2011, he was sent to Darfur and Sudan to work for the United Nations in an administrative capacity.

Remembering that his first job paid only 700 Haitian dollars a month, which was less than $100 U.S., he laughs but quickly adds, “It allowed me to help my family [with essentials] and to pay for my older brother’s education.

One thing that Antoine emphasizes when he talks to people about the LCS community is the connections that he was able to make within the Haitian business world. “LCS gave me connections with people I would never, ever have been able to meet in Haiti. LCS has transferred knowledge, education and information to me.” Impressively, even though he has had many opportunities to work outside of Haiti and receive considerably more pay, Antoine is committed to his country. He explains,“What echoes in my mind is that all of this education must stay in Haiti as a hope for helping my people succeed.”

Today you can find Antoine living across the street from the LCS campus in his newly-built home with his wife Edith and his four-year-old son. Antoine’s life is filled with running two dry cleaning businesses and a printing service called EGA Solutions, named after he and his wife. He is looking for a quality school for his son (who would not qualify for LCS since his family can afford the cost of his education) and vows to gather together his fellow LCS alumni so they can establish a school for Haiti’s new middle class.

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What echoes in my mind is that all of this education must stay in Haiti as a hope for helping my people succeed.”
— Godenson Antoine, LCS Class of 2000