Our Impact

Time and again, LCS alumni prove that education is the surest way out of poverty and toward a brighter future for Haiti.  In a country where fewer than 5% of young people graduate from high school and nearly 70% of college graduates leave the country, 90% of our alumni are either at university or working in Haiti.  Many are earning 15 times Haiti's per-capita income. All are giving back to their communities and their country in accordance with LCS' motto:  "What you receive for free, you shall give for free" (Matthew 10:8).

Click here to read about one of our many successful alumni who is working to build a stronger Haiti from within.

LCS and its alumni prove that when you put Education First, you get real, lasting change. Not only are our graduates educated—they are able to support healthy families and afford the cost of their children's education, so that their children never have to know the poverty that they did. 

Click here to watch a short video of our alumni's stories of how an LCS education lifted them and their families out of poverty.